Pioneer Water Tanks has been the main Australian supplier of rain water tank solutions for over twenty eight years. Applications vary from agricultural, domestic, and farming to name but a few.

Australia experiences very harsh and demanding climate conditions which is why Pioneer Water Tanks utilise fully recyclable 100% Australian Zincalume® or Colorbond ® steel for tank manufacturing. Within our standard range, we have a wide variety of tank sizes from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, which complements our custom builds which go up to 2.6 million litres.

Our rain water tanks are not only effective, they also look sensational. With the entire Colorbond ® range to choose from, matching the correct aesthetics for your environment is made simple. Facilitating sales, installation and service via our national distributor network, we have the ability to service any part of Australia – no matter how remote.

Our water tank liners are exclusively made in Australia resulting in the highest quality drinking water and extremely safe water storage.

Complying with applicable Australian safety standards, our watertanks are easily transported and assembled, with negligible site setup.

Easily transported and assembled with minimal site planning. Your new rainwater tank will be fully functioning at kept at its most optimal level due to our full accessory range.  Pioneer Water Tanks are the industry leaders when it comes to the highest quality level of service and performance.

At Pioneer, quality with our customer service and product offering is never compromised, and that is the Pioneer Water Tank difference. Utilising Australian steel, and liner materials, we are an Australian company and we take great pride in our people and our products.

With a focus on local quality, our national Dealer network has increased to in excess of fifty family owned, and small businesses across Australia. Working with our Dealers across each Australian State and Territory, you’ll be purchasing your water tank from, and dealing with people directly connected with your local area.


We don’t believe that one size fits all. Our water tanks can come in volumes ranging from 12,200 litres to 410,000 litres for standard sizes, or can be custom built to hold 2.6 million litres. Whether your interests are in agriculture or protecting your precious water supply in a bushfire area, we know how to help because our distributors are all local.

We have spent nearly three decades improving our water tanks to get to where we are now: with a product far above global industry standards. By supporting Australian steel and manufacturing industries, we have given our local economies a leg up and helped build the infrastructure of this country. It also means we know exactly where all of our materials come from and can follow our manufacturing from the ground up. Some of our Australian-made features include 8-80 V-LOCK corrugated steel walls, chemical-free overflow connection and down piping, and our unique swivel foot roof connection.

Pioneer Water Tank Safety

Safety is one of the cornerstones of how we do business at Pioneer Water Tanks.

At Pioneer Water Tanks, we believe our tanks can be manufactured and installed without causing harm to any of our employees, distributors or customers. Our goal – Zero Harm.

To achieve this, Pioneer Water Tanks has invested in safety equipment, is continuing to develop safety protocols and has an ongoing commitment to training to ensure a safer work environment for our staff and distributors.

Our Safety, Environment and Quality (SEQ) responsibilities are integral to the way we do business. We are very proud of our SEQ performance and the safety standards that are set and met across all out business lines. Our Safety, Environment and Quality (SEQ) policy affirms:

Our Commitments: We are committed to continual improvement in our SEQ performance.

Health and Safety: We aspire to zero harm to our people. Our fundamental belief is that all injuries can be prevented. This responsibility starts with each one of us.

Environment: We care for the environment. We are committed to the efficient use of resources, reducing and preventing pollution, and product stewardship.

Community: We strive to be valued corporate citizens in our communities. We respect the values and cultural heritage of local people.

Zero Faults: We are committed to achieving zero faults with our products supplied to all our customers and it’s our belief that all faults can be prevented. We will achieve this by setting targets and developing, implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. We will continually improve the system by utilising procedures, quality awareness training to identify, assess and manage the quality of our products.

Our Actions: To meet our SEQ commitments, we will set targets, develop, implement and maintain management standards and systems, and comply with relevant industry standards and legal requirements. We will engage with our stakeholders to build relationships based on honesty, openness and mutual trust and share responsibility for meeting the goals of our SEQ policy.

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